Sunday, October 3, 2021


The farm was yesterday.  It's still hot here, though not AS hot as it has been.  We'll take any reduction in temperature.  As has become sort of a recent tradition on the blog, here is some good food and Hobart.

Steak dinner

This was dinner last night.  Nothing like a nice steak, with some sautéed mushrooms, asparagus, and a loaded baked potato.  A glass of wine completed the evening.  It was a good end to the day.

Hobart sleeping on the laptop

2nd Man said it's hard to work from home with a cat that decides a laptop makes a nice place to sleep, ha.  Here is Hobart, taking a cat nap on the laptop the other day.  It had been on and was closed up so it still was giving off warmth.  He probably thought we did it for him...because isn't that how cats always think?  LOL!

Hope you had a great weekend, eating and napping like us!


  1. I nice warmed napping place will come in handy soon.

  2. Mmm, mmm, that’s a beautiful supper! The sautéed mushrooms put that steak over the top.
    Hobart looks so warm and cozy on his “heated pad.”

  3. i haven't had a good steak in quite some time. i need one and i love mine with mushrooms. hobart is a smart kitty!

  4. My aunt has a cat and she keeps two heating pads on low for her to sleep on. One is on their bed and one on the couch. We do tend to spoil our cats. I do some cat setting for friends and sometimes they hide and want to stay with me. I might be a spoiler while they are here with me. Most of them expect a dab of sour cream on there food. Hobart is a beautiful cat.


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