Monday, November 1, 2021


 This weekend was finally so pretty and so cool.  I decided to focus on the garden as one project.  We decided to scale back our Fall garden this year and by scale back, we are only planting collard greens, ha.  Well, also the garlic but we won't be harvesting those until mid next year. 

Collard greens

It got a bit late in the season with our crazy weather and that slowed us down on prepping the garden.  They should have already been in the ground but for some reason it was hard to find the transplants earlier in the season.  Finally, last weekend, we scored these two flats of six plants each.  We babied them in the apartment until this weekend and figure a dozen should give us plenty of collard green goodness.

Raised bed gardening

I added soil and compost to the bed and turned it all and smoothed it out.  Then I dug a dozen holes...

Collard greens raised bed

...and put them all in the soil and tucked them in.

Collard greens

All that was left to do was water them in.  They all look good, now we wait!  We thought about Napa cabbage this year because they did really well for us but they were hard to find too and it's definitely a bit late for them.  Hey, if we get cold early, the collards can have snow on them and be alright as they are tolerant down to about 5 degrees.  It was a good planting day.

Next post...the garlic planting!  

Besides, there is nothing I'd rather do on a cool Autumn day than play in the dirt!


  1. Well, from the looks of it, you should have a bumper crop of collard greens

  2. Your little fall garden of collards looks so pretty. Some good eating is coming up!
    In addition to other fall vegetables, I really love rainbow Swiss chard - all of the different colors of stalks look so beautiful in salads and stir-fries. I had a hard time finding some little plants of it but finally found a few.

  3. Both collards and kale are elusive right now. You can always freeze collards once blanched or cooked and you will have them all year.


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