Monday, November 15, 2021


It was another amazing weather weekend.  We don't get these often in these parts of the state and we have to cram so much into them, ha.

This past weekend, I decided to make one of those "things to do" be the traditional "last mow of the year".  Clear (almost) blue skies, a cool breeze, low humidity, it was on!  Here is the "front yard" after I mowed.  It's clean and neat and tidy.  Oh and guess what else?

The mowing app works again!

They finally rolled out an update to work with the new iOS and now I can keep track once more.  It was a little less time than usual but it was also faster and covered more distance than usual because there wasn't a lot of tall grass to slow me down.  That's why this is the last mowing of the season.  From now on there won't be much growing and once Winter arrives, it'll be March (usually) the next time I have to mow...though I may try to squeeze in some Winter clearing of new areas (dormant/dead) that I like to do before the mower has its annual maintenance.  

Here's a different angle for you.

This is from the fruit tree area behind the house and looking toward the workshop and mower shed.  That corner of the house is the dining room.

Standing in that same spot as above and changing the angle to looking straight ahead, this is another part of the "backyard".  That clump of trees will be the next big clearing project, sometime next year.

We've often thought about what we might like to put in this big space in the future.

With clear skies, a cool breeze and an easy mow, I had a great time on the mower.  So, for one more time this season, here is the happiness on the Zen Machine image that makes me smile. 

More tomorrow!


  1. Where will bunnies live or take refuge from predators if you take down those trees?

    1. Awww thanks for thinking of the bunnies! There are SOOO many places around for them. This spot is just one small piece. It won't be barren like the yard, it would still have trees and bushes, just "cleaner". But probably three acres of our eleven are cleared so they'll have lot of places (including next to the house under the big mesquite that is filled with bushes and hiding spots, ha. We'll make sure the bunnies are safe cause we love them too. :-)

  2. Everything looks so neat and tidy! Enjoy this beautiful weather!

    1. Thanks! Isn't it wonderful? And more coming this weekend again! Woo hoo!

  3. Park picture perfect.
    Our yard needs mowing.............Again.
    Chance of possible rain moving in on Wed. and then our temperature will drop. Will be 20deg. cooler on Thursday than Wed., will be in the upper 70's on Wed.
    Enjoy the remainder of the week.

    1. Thanks, I debated on mowing or not. It kind of didn't need it but I'm glad I did because it looks so much better. It's better for our mental sanity ha. Seems like "less to do". Yep going to get cold here too and we're all for it.


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