Monday, November 8, 2021


Saturday morning when we left for the farm, it was 43 out there!  We knew it was going to be a beautiful day and it did not disappoint.

It's always fun to pull up to your house and there is a cow in the "yard" behind you, ha.  Beats seeing trash cans or a brick wall or parked cars.

The weather was clear and cool and it was just one of those most perfect days you could ever ask for in this part of the country.  There was a whole list of 'outside things to do' and I got a lot of them done. 

One was to gather up all the trellis supports from the Spring/Summer garden and clean them up and put them in storage.  You know how they get, they have the dried vines on them from the climbing things and some had some dried weeds and leaves stuck to them and of course the dried on soil from where they were stuck in the ground.  Above are a few of them after I hosed them down and got them all cleaned.  Then I hung them up on the wall in the mower shed.

Of course I had to check the garden and keep the weeds out of the beds and all was good there.  The garlic is doing its thing under the straw, ha.  We can't wait to see the first green sprouts poking up into the sunlight.  As for the collard greens, they survived their first week in the ground and are putting on small new leaves so all is good there.

The next big project was cleaning up around the workshop and shed.  It was a mess.  Here is a before of the barn/workshop from a few weeks ago.  There were some random bricks we had used for something once, some rocks that made their way over there from a project and of course all of this was covered in knee-high weeds all the way around the buildings.  

First, I edged around each building.  Then I got the zen-machine out and mowed as close as possible to the building.  Then I edged again and mowed over it again.  That cleaned it up and got everything down low and as neat and clean as possible.  

Here is the end result.  It looks great (I missed a picture of the shed, just imagine the same thing only smaller, ha).  Everything is all cleared and clean and looks good for Winter.  It's such a relief because we always hated to see it all so overgrown.  We just needed cooler weather and motivation, ha.  

I enjoy the zen-machine but there's a reason I don't call the weedeater the "zen-edger".  It's hard work I'll admit, it does leave such a great result when it's done.

Did some more projects we'll detail in future posts.

Hope you had a great and productive weekend!


  1. You got a lot done! It was perfect weather for getting caught up on some chores. And to be greeted by a neighboring cow is even better.

    1. It was great and more great weather coming this weekend too!

  2. The way it sounds, you got much accomplished. You had some great weather for doing them outside projects.
    Everything looks so neat and tidy.
    I think your neighborly cow is just too busy eating to even notice that you where around.
    Enjoy the remainder of the week.
    We have a chance of rain possibly tomorrow and then cold front will be moving in; sunny, but cooler.

    1. It was a good day and a good week so far. More good weather this weekend too! Rain this morning but it blew through quickly and was sunny and clear the rest of the day.

  3. From Australia and just loving your blog, What a balance of work ethic you both have. You are starting to live your dream. My partner and I have a very small acreage and are trying to do the same. C+I.

    1. Well hello!!!! Welcome!!! You are welcome here anytime. Thank you for the kind words. it's a dream we've had and it's a slow and messy process at times but hoping that things kick into high gear next year with the house. I'm sure you and your partner understand that all too well too, ha. We hope you'll come back. I try to post every other day, sometimes a few days in a row.

      P.S. You might not have read back through the blog but we've had three cats. Sydney. Brisbane. Hobart. The first two have crossed the Rainbow Bridge but we still have Hobart. I have always been fascinated with Australia and it's on our bucket list to see someday. :-)


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