Monday, November 7, 2022



Leaving this post from yesterday up today, the city is having an Astros victory parade.  All the school districts have closed for the day so families can attend and they are asking employers to let nonessential people off work.

We are expecting more than ONE MILLION PEOPLE to descend on downtown.  We live and work downtown and so it will be insane today (in a good way).  It starts at noon and ends at 2pm(ish).  I didn't have a chance to create a new post so a regular update tomorrow after the good chaos is over today.

The Astros won!!!  Living downtown, just minutes from the stadium, it was crazy until we finally went to bed at 1:30am.  Nonstop horns honking, people cheering, sirens (police/fire celebrating too), just a wonderful and fun thing to experience.

Breakfast was scrambled eggs with mushrooms, mini bell peppers and diced jalapeños with ham steak on the side.  It was filling and satisfying!

On Halloween, we posted the picture taken right before this one, as a funny since Hobart looked like he had an attitude.  So we figured you might like to see the other one.  In both pictures, he was laying on my chest in bed as I woke up because was waiting to be fed.  He stares.  I reached for my phone to take pictures, and of course, got out of bed and fed him because...



  1. 40yrs ago I went to watch the Astros. It was my first ballgame ever having just relocated from England. I was very excited to be part of something which screamed American culture. I still remember the night well and have a soft spot for the Astros.

  2. Yay for the Houston Astros. I have been in a city with one of the world series parades and it's just as you described, fun chaos, haha. Have a good day and stay safe! Janie V

  3. Amongst all the upsetting things happening in the world, isn’t it great to unite as a whole city and just have some fun and a big celebration?! Hurray and congratulations to the Houston Astros! I watched on TV.

    Yums for that very tasty breakfast of dressed-up scrambled eggs and thick ham.

    Hobart has an endless variety of expressions!

  4. Hobart looks like he might have some main coon in him? It’s the ruff around his neck, and he also appears to be a bit larger than the average cat. Anyway, it’s fun to see his different “moods”.

  5. Congratulations on the win! Beautiful breakfast and handsome Hobart.



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