Wednesday, November 23, 2022


Well, we are finally at the day before Thanksgiving, food prep should be in full swing.  Check out our turkey, 24 hours after starting the dry brine process:

You can click HERE to see yesterday's post with the picture right after it was put in the fridge.  Comparing them you can see that it is definitely changing.  The skin has tightened up as it dries.  But the skin seals the meat to keep it moist and seasoned. In the next post, we'll show you all the end result.

OK so here are a couple more vintage ads showing some weird food ideas.

OK, so we guess this is cute, in a way.  Maybe something for kids to do but not sure we'd want it as a centerpiece on the Thanksgiving table, ha.

Now we suppose this is a variation on candied sweet potatoes but it's not presented in a very appetizing way. Plus, it just seems to be so much sugar and sweetness.  Maybe just skip to the pie for dessert instead of this dinner side dish, ha. 




  1. Turkey is doing it's thing in the fridge. Monday I made cornbread for the dressing. Last night I made 2 pie doughs that are waiting in the fridge and baked two sweet potatoes. Today, I will make sweet potato pie, pumpkin pie, cranberry sauce, deviled eggs and the dough for rolls. Tomorrow cook turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes, rolls and veggies. Make whipped cream for the pies. I'm hoping to enjoy our feast around 3 pm. Friday REST and enjoy the left overs. Happy Thanksgiving!!

  2. For years I thought I didn't like sweet potatoes. Turns out I love sweet potatoes. What I don't like is marshmallows. No turkey. I do pork loins with a molasses-bourbon glaze.

  3. Ok, so it's a cute way to display black olives but something that I wouldn't do.
    The yams you can have. I like making my own, my way.
    Now I have done a cheese, Hillshire sliced sausage and Ritz cracker display shaped like a turkey before to have as an appetizer or afternoon to go with a glass of wine. Turkey cupcakes for late evening dessert.

  4. Your turkey looks like it will be another success tomorrow!
    The turkey made with the orange and olives looks like something I would have made with my kids when I was teaching kindergarten. Fun kiddie project but not something for Thanksgiving dinner.
    Apples with sweet potatoes? People can think up the strangest food combinations!

  5. I had one bite of marshmallow with my sweet potatoes and swore them off forever and went back to plain sweet potatoes. Certainly no apples!

  6. HAPPY THANKSGIVING to you two gentlemen! ❤🍗🍷🍗🍷


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