Monday, November 21, 2022


Well, it's cold for us, we understand the rest of the country has a lot colder weather (and crazy snowfall).

Scroll to the end for a weird food ad from he past, a sort of annual tradition we have here on the blog.

Saturday it rained ALL day.  Sunday we needed to check on things but 2nd Man had to work (big project coming up at work) so I headed out.

Got there about 10am it was cold and damp.

I watered the plants on the porch, restrung some fishing line around the fruit tree area, started the mower and let it run, took the truck for a spin a couple miles down the road and did some organizing the barn.

By the time I left at about 2:30, it was down into the 40's and dropping and I was getting a bit too chilly.  Definitely time to get back to someplace warm.  Not sure if a picture can "look cold" but I took this one when I left.  The grass is still green but not growing due to the cold weather.  It's just sort of stunted where it was in late Summer.

Since this is a short week, work wise, and of course holiday for everyone (here in the states), we often like to post some funny food ads from the past.  I search the internet for some fun ones and post what I find.  There will be a few this week.

Here is the first:

Nothing says Thanksgiving and holidays like mayonnaise mixed with cranberry sauce and jello and then sticking a birthday candle in the top and lighting it.

Congrats, it's your dinner salad!



  1. Though the salad sounds totally gross, I am tempted to do it just to see what the response would be. I can only imagine!

  2. My mother used to put a ring of pineapple on a lettuce leaf, stick a fre inches of banana into the hole and top if with a cherry to make a candle salad. The cherry was held in place by a toothpick. It was the 1950s, so what can I say?>?


  3. Not bad. I have seen worse. A waste of food items
    Pretty as a table decoration but still have to give a thumbs down cause I don't like cranberries. I will stick to a simple jello mold or fruit salad.

  4. Your photo from the Farm is definitely a cold looking picture, even without the rain. Being in the 40’s with rain and wind makes for a bone-chilling COLD! We won't see the sun until Sunday - looking forward to that.

    Cranberry “Candles” Salad – Whaaat?! That is just sooo weird!

  5. Jello, mayo, and cranberry sauce: I've just lost my appetite. It's chilly and damp here, too. Happy Thanksgiving!



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