Saturday, April 16, 2011


Wow. a long day at our farm (gosh I love saying that!).  Got out there about 10am, and stayed until about 5pm.  Here is what I got done.  I stayed outside mostly and was able to clean out the mower shed (it's completely empty), turned the old chicken coop into a potting shed (way cool!), trimmed a ton of low branches on trees.  Rearranged some stuff on the property as well.

I have one of those typical "farmer tans", you know, since I was wearing shorts, t-shirt and cap, ha.  Came home to the city, took a shower, 2 Advil, and had a hearty meal (2nd Man stayed home today) and now I'm thinking of going to bed early.  Now I see why people on farms went to bed early.

Assuming I feel OK in the morning, I'll head out again (Sunday) and do some of the things I didn't get to today (weed eating, more branches, and perhaps cut down that rogue tree)

I'll also post before and after pics in the coming week.  You really need to see the potting shed, I think it came out pretty nice!

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