Wednesday, September 4, 2013


While I'm on vacation, this is a repost of a popular, earlier entry in the blog that I thought I'd share with new readers.  It's such a pretty tree, it deserved a second mention.  Be sure and click on the link in the first sentence where I posted about all it's uses.  Pretty neat.

It was originally published 04/01/2012.  Enjoy!

Huisache Tree up close
As promised, I went over to see the Huisache tree I blogged about HERE.  While walking toward the one I saw, I found that we have more than just one or two.  I counted six of the trees while on my walk.  So here are a couple of them up close.  The flowers, as you can see, are very unusual, little puffballs of yellow.  As I pulled some off, I noticed they are also somewhat delicate.
Another Huisache tree
Here is another one of the trees, different from the one I photographed last time.  It's a nice size and there is this great little meadow in a clearing right around it.  I think I see a future picnic, dining site, ha.
Huisache flowers
The leaves are very fern like which is kind of cool.  But every single one of those flowers has a tiny little thorn right next to it.  Not very easy to harvest the flowers.
Hundreds of Huisache blooms
As for the scent that I mentioned, it's hard to describe.  It sort of reminded me of a pipe tobacco that my Dad used to smoke.  Kind of sweet and yet smokey.  It wasn't as sweet as I thought it was supposed to be, but it was still 'familiar'.  Kind of interesting, in that it's still used as a scent in perfumes today, maybe that's the reason for the familiarity? I can see though how it would be expensive as a fragrance ingredient due to the difficulty in harvesting.  Bottom line, it's a cool tree to have and we have at least six of them growing wild on the property.

Maybe next year I can work on some of the old home remedies/uses I blogged about in that first entry.

Hope you enjoyed the tour!


The Green Lady said...

I love how there are so many surprises to discover in this world and I have really enjoyed this post about an amazing tree I've never heard of. I am planning to organise a yarn bomb of a local park in July (I'm having a show of artwork there). My idea is for people to make pompoms to hang from the trees. Nature does it best of all!

Kelly said...

My allergies are going wild just looking at it!!! Hope it makes many wonderful memories for you.

Frugal Living UK said...

Absolutely wonderful!

Jenny said...

Love how bright and cheary they look!

Michael said...

The flowers are lovely, but the leaves are fantastic! It must be an impressive sight when a light breeze wafts through it.

1st Man said...

Hi Michael! yes, the leaves are awesome. It's pretty cool to see in person. They day I took these photos there was a slight breeze and the leaves seemd to flutter. The scent was pretty neat too.

1st Man said...

You know it's funny, when I walked up on them, all the yellow did make me smile. Funny how a color can do that. :-)

1st Man said...

It's just so pretty. I wish it was like this year round, or at least for longer than a month, ha.

1st Man said...

Ha! So true. But I'm lucky, never really been allergy prone and I was right up in the middle of all this and never sneezed once or got a stuffy nose, so I'm grateful for that!

1st Man said...

I coudln't have said it better. Nature always seems to know how to it best. Now i have to admit, a yarn bomb of a park sounds like fun! Too cool. I bet it will be so pretty with the pom poms hanging from all the tree limbs. How exciting.