Monday, September 30, 2013


Last Summer, I blogged about our DIY seed storage bank or vault idea.  Recently, I realized we needed more space for our seeds, not to mention a way to make them more organized.  So I took that same idea and multiplied it by four.  It was a rainy weekend and this gave me something to do.

We love these cans.  They are Empty Paint Cans. You can buy them just about anywhere they sell paint or, using link above, via Amazon.  They are very inexpensive, these were $3 each.  So for $12, I was able to get four so that I could divide our growing seed collection.  I came up with Veggies, Herbs, Salad/Greens, and Flowers.

Here is a shot inside showing the seed packets and moisture absorber. Rather than repeat the particulars of how I did this part, you can CLICK HERE for the original post on it.  It's very simple to do and a great way to organize your seeds and protect them.  I put some labels on them, made a list of the seeds and dates, and popped the lids on.

Heck, they even look nice sitting on the shelves.  You can, of course, keep them under the bed or in a closet or cabinet, but wherever you do keep them, they are protected from light, moisture, etc.  Then they are ready for next season's plantings and you are organized for storage.  Or, if there was an emergency and you needed to grow food to feed your family and friends, you have them at hand, and ready to go.  I guess you could say that they are more prepping in plain sight.


  1. I like the fact that you included FLOWERS in your "vault". Even if all goes awry---it's important to feed the soul as well.
    : )

  2. Thanks for this-great to know about the paint cans...I have a seed vault that I bought through somebody is an overpriced (lol) can of sealed heirloom seeds. But it's in my pantry, hidden away on the top shelf, if I should ever need it. I am saving more of my own seed this year...

  3. 1st Man,

    Saving seeds in a vault is a very good thing. Especially heirloom (I read about the government trying to control the heirloom seeds). I don't this will happen anytime soon though.

    I've also harvested my own seeds, dried them, and packed them away with moister absorbers.

  4. What a great idea. When you plant flower seeds you are painting your garden with colour so why not store them in a paint tin!
    I hope 2nd Man is feeling better. A pulled back muscle can really hurt!

  5. This is such a neat idea, and they do look nice on the shelves. Perhaps I will do something like similar this week. I don't have a large seed collection yet, but need somewhere cute to put the ones I do have.

  6. Great idea...very organized,indeed! I really love it! Thanks for sharing this idea..:)


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