Sunday, September 15, 2013


Vacation at Home, vintage poster, image courtesy of NY Public Library
This poster is pretty neat.  

Who knew that what we now call a "STAYCATION" was actually invented way back then?  During WWII it was to conserve resources, energy, save money, etc so that there was more for the war effort.  Of course today, we do it it to save money if gas prices are up, maybe cut down on emissions, or maybe to just put money into a local economy instead of traveling to some exotic locale.

Hope you are having a good weekend, it's been hot here, slightly cooler but when I say slightly, I mean it's 95 instead of 105, ha.

More later this afternoon/evening tomorrow, too tired to post tonight, off to bed early for a change.


Mike said...

I enjoy a staycation more than a vacation, I believe.

Sue said...

I love being home probably more than the average person, but I also like to explore new places. Ha-sounds like I don't know WHAT I want-LOL!

TexWisGirl said...

i staycation if i can every day. :)

1st Man said...

I do believe that I feel the same way. Heck every time I go out to the farm, I feel like it's a vacation.

Thanks for stopping by!!

1st Man said...

I totally understand, we stay at home more as well, but if we do get to a new place, we have a blast and always say we need to do it again...and then stay home, LOL~

1st Man said...

DITTO! Sigh. :-)