Sunday, September 1, 2013


Vintage Serve and Conserve poster, image from US National Archive
Here is one that has a great meaning today just as it did 60+ years ago (except maybe the long distance calls and war traffic, ha).
Conservation was the main focus of resources during WWII and so these posters were put around towns and cities to remind citizens to save and conserve;  Electricity, Communications, Water and Transportation, so that those  services and resources were saved for the war effort.

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Alison said...

I was in San Antonio at their Convention Center for the World Science Fiction Convention. San Antonio is a very conservationist town and the Convention center reflected that. By every trash can they had an impressive bin to collect plastic, glass, paper and cans. They and the hotel I stayed at had water conserving facilities in the bathrooms. And the city, at least the tourist center that I was inhabiting, was CLEAN! It was a very nice place to be. And the convention was a blast!