Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Sydney the sleeping cat

Thought I'd share a picture of another of our cats.  
This is Sydney...he'll be 17 next month.  Yep, he was born way back in 1995!

Here's the little trick he has learned.  When we have the doors open to the room where the TV is (this is in the city house), he gets on the couch and roots up under these large pillows, which are of course upright on each end of the couch,   moving one of them around until it falls over flat.  Then he hops up on there and has the most comfy bed in the house.
As for the sleeping position?  Don't ask me!  Only a cat could come up with the upside down/sideways/twisted all at once pose and sleep that way for hours!

Our cats aren't spoiled at all, nope not at all...

(just keep saying that, right?)


  1. He's one smart baby and knows how to make his bed comfy. Interestingly my cats also love sleeping in this position and prefer to be on the comfy bed or a pillow.

  2. He's beautiful and clever to find the best bed in the house. What is that position though!

  3. How many cats do you have? Perhaps that's what you need at your farmhouse. One or two cats to bring with you when you visit in order to scare the mice away. Just think of the fun your pets would have!

  4. I call this the sleeping on both sides at once position.

  5. ladyhawthorne nailed it - bahahahahahah! he is gorgeous! so are the pillows!

    your friend,

  6. Wow, Sydney is crazily contorted. How do they DO that? LOL! What a cutie!

  7. I have a large Weimaraner dog that can assume the position too - usually on the fleecy blanket I have just washed :) Laura

  8. Hey, I knew you back in 1995 and we're not old!!!


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