Sunday, September 16, 2012


Here is an interesting poster.  I guess during the war, they were asking people to eat less meat so they were advertising that cottage cheese provided more protein for people.

I happen to love cottage cheese, and as a side note, I really didn't know that it had more protein than equivalent weight in meat.  Homemade cottage cheese is wonderful and so much different than store bought.  

Definitely interesting the times they lived in not that long ago.

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Hope you are enjoying you weekend.  Ours has been all about mouse proofing and rain.  But more on that later.


Higley. said...


Personally I think I would prefere the meat.

Great poster! & blog.


1st Man said...

Ha, I understand a lot of people don't like it. I used to be one who didn't either but I do enjoy it now. Not sure why my tastes changed somewhere along the way, ha. Thanks for stopping by and welcome.

Kelly said...

Cottage cheese is awesome and very high in protein. For about 1/2 C it's on average 14 grams of protein. Far higher than meat. Greek yogurt is the same way. Two of my favorite high protein, but low fat foods.

monica said...

Oh my gosh, we LOVE cottage cheese around here. And you're right, homemade is the way to go (and so easy). We have some friends who are vegetarian and they use cottage cheese frequently (they are ok with dairy products, just don't eat meat) and they said the same thing, it gives them lots of protein.

I'd love to have a one of those old recipe booklets. :-)


retiredruth said...

A "postal" card... so quaint!

1st Man said...

Yum, we love Greek yogurt too. That is high in protein huh? And like you said, best of all, low fat too!

1st Man said...

Oh yes, we love making it, haven't done it in a while, but that might be a great blog post sometime this fall. Agree too, it would be neat to have one of those old booklets.

1st Man said...

Ha, I didn't think of that. "Postal card". Sounds so much more fun doesn't it? LOL!