Saturday, September 29, 2012


We are house bound today
(in town) because of the heavy rain in our area and after last Summer's drought, I won't ever complain about rain again!  So I decided to look around for things that I have purchased and see what else I can use them for.  Here is a thrift store find from awhile back, an old glass jar with a metal lid.  I think it was a $1.  It is embossed on the front with the word "TEA", so I presume that it was originally used for the storage of tea or tea bags.  We have a tea storage box, so I began looking around for something else to put in it.

Then I happened up this idea.  I decided to fill it with fresh, dried catnip!  It's the perfect size for a nice batch of our cats' favorite special drug weed herb.

It will be a fun way to store it in the pantry or out on the counter. We'll always know what's in it when the cats need a quick high, hit, fix, pick me up. 

Besides, isn't catnip sometimes made into tea?  I guess it's a jar of catnip tea, ha.

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Hope you are enjoying your Saturday


  1. Love it. I have a jar that is similar and I didn't really know what to put it in, I mean sure I could put anything in there, but I wanted to make it something special. I think i'll run to the pet store and get a bag of catnip and put it in there. My cats will thank me (though they should thank you!, ha)

  2. We keep catnip in a jar, just an ordinary one, not good-looking like this one. We toss fluffy cat toys in, too, and bring one out occasionally for the cat. Hilarious to watch the thrill of it.

  3. Wonderful old jar...lucky kitty! And send me some of that rain! We've had a week of over 90 degree weather and next week up to 100! I'm so over summer: GIVE ME FALL...and RAIN!

  4. I just hope you don't have company sometime looking to make a cup of tea and grab the wrong jar!

  5. Please enter me in your contest. thanks. Dianne


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