Friday, September 7, 2012



Here are the pretty yellow flowers of the wildflower that is called Bitterweed.
They are growing in clumps all over the property and according to my wildflowers book (which is how I found the name), it blooms in our area from April through December and grows well in disturbed soils. That pretty much fits exactly what I've seen on the ones blooming around the trails.

I love that flowers like this just spring up, with no help from us.   Just a random little seed that sprouts and grows, with no soil amending, no fertilizer, no pruning, no water other than from rainwater, into this.  Why can't gardening be that easy?


retiredruth said...

Yes why? If biologists could just figure out what makes weeds and wildflowers so hardy and apply it to things we want to grow!

1st Man said...

exactly! Instead of creating weird genetically modified things, ha. Probably cause that would make too much sense.

JamieK said...

These grow wild in South Carolina as well. We used to pick them all the time, just because we thought they were pretty. The distinct smell takes me back to hot, humid summers wandering through horse pastures on days that seemed to go on forever!

P.S. Love your blog!

1st Man said...

Well, p.s. first, THANK YOU. Very sweet of you to say that. It's cool that they are all over huh? i should have mentioned, yes, they have a very distinct smell don't they? Thanks for stopping by!!