Sunday, September 23, 2012


Image Courtesy of US National Archives
This is a really different poster.  They were definitely sounding the alarm about the "alarming shortage" that existed.  During World War I, there was a shortage of corn and the quality/quantity was not where it needed to be in order to get a good supply of corn harvested for the country.  They even urged people to report any surplus to the bank and they would arrange the sale of it.

I love the line "the quality is poor".  Um, yeah, that's true today for sure if you buy and/or plant the GMO seeds.  But I'm guessing we'd never hear that from the corporate owned media because Monsanto and those companies like them would never allow it.  They'd say "buy GMO, it's all good!" (NOT!).

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Hope you are enjoying your weekend and this second full day of Autumn.


  1. I love these Sunday stories with the old posters. Always learn something!

  2. THANK YOU, it's always nice to hear I'm doing something someone enjoys. I enjoy finding them online in obscure places and then figuring out a history of the story behind them.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I've been looking for this poster, thanks for posting it. However I'm not so sure about your bias against GMO crops. Current GMO seed is unbelievably better then most of what was planted before it and has revolutionized agriculture, but that is beyond the point. Thanks again.

    1. No problem. I understand not everyone is opposed to GMO, but we'll just have to agree to disagree, ha. Thanks for stopping by I'm glad you found what you we're looking for.


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