Thursday, October 4, 2012


Photo graciously provided by: Sue, of Sue's Garden Journal
Here is another favorite photo of mine and it comes from a fellow blogger.  This is but one small part of the lovely gardens of Sue.  She blogs all about her gardens over at SUES GARDEN JOURNAL and rightfully so, her efforts are beautiful and oh so pretty.

This is the kind of look I like so much.  It's the random yet planned nature of the flowers.  Love the colors and the textures and the fence, even the little path down the middle.  It's so serene and calming to me.  That's always the best way to plant, so it looks like it just popped up all by itself.  Of course, who can NOT love those amazingly tall Sunflowers?  Awesome!

Thank you Sue for giving me inspiration, and of course, thank you for allowing me to use your image so that I might share your inspiring work with others.

Blog day off, see you back here tomorrow morning with the giveaway results!


  1. Don't you just LOVE Sue's garden! I save almost every picture...I want so much for my garden to look just like hers....and she's such a sweetie!

    1. Oh, her gardens and yard and flower beds are SO beautiful. I told her once i wanted our yard to be like hers when it grows up, ha. Definitely an inspiration.

  2. Well, don't you make me blush! Thank you so much for your very kind words.
    I'm catching up with posts--I know this is very late. I blame hubby and his endless trips. Anyways, thanks're very sweet yourself!

    1. Well I meant every word! Thank you for sharing all that you do and keep up your awesome work, you inspire more people than you realize.


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