Sunday, October 21, 2012


US Crop Corps poster courtesy of US National Archives
Here is a poster from WWII that was part of the US Crop Corps.  That was a pretty neat program that urged citizens to help with the farming effort.

It was said in the program that "farmers and their families and what steady hired help they have usually manage to get the crops planted and tended and keep up reasonably well the chores of caring for cattle, horses, sheep, hogs and chickens, repairing machinery and making gardens. But when it comes to the harvest, they must have outside help."

This program was divided up to focus on groups like children 14-18.  I like that philosophy.  It would be nice if there was an effort today to help farms harvest, though something tells me if we called one up and asked if they needed help harvesting, they would not turn it down, ha.  I think the best way to help today is to just get more people interested in gardening.

Hope you're having a great weekend doing whatever makes you happy!


John Gray said...

could you give me a potten review on the WALKING DEAD's second episode?
p l e a s e! ! !

1st Man said...

A what review? Potten? I thought it might be a typo but I can't figure out what you meant to say. If you'd email me we can chat all about it. If you don't want your email published here, you can email me: houstonrayATgmailDOTcom. It was GREAT!! Very dark as expected, with a few "jump" moments, and a truly unexpected moment as well. ;-)

John Gray said...

monkey helped me out!
it sounded cracking!!!!!

quietann said...

Cool post... my father helped with the harvest during high school in WW2. All he says is that he picked a lot of onions, and it was really awful when you pulled up a rotten one and got it all over yourself :)