Sunday, October 14, 2012


WWII Poster - Image courtesy of UK Historical Archives, Imperial Museum
In honor of SEDA, the pig WE SPONSORED for our friend's son, I found this poster online while researching vintage posters.  This one comes from WWII, the 1940's, and urged people to save their kitchen feed to pigs!

It mentions to keep it dry and free from, among other things, glass, bones, metal and paper.  They would even send someone around to collect it.  Apparently, there were bins all over as well for people to drop food waste into and it was collected regularly, just like trash waste, then sterilized and converted into pig food.  This helped the overall wider home front food production.

It seems hard enough to have people recycle their everyday trash
(we do!), I can imagine how hard it would be now to get people to save food scraps for something like this.

For those new to the blog, every Sunday, for almost two years now, I find a photo of a vintage poster from our history (usually during the two World Wars) that was related to gardening or canning or recycling, to just share a glimpse into our farming/food past. To see any of them, just click the 'history' label.


  1. Replies
    1. It's a pretty fascinating history lesson. Everytime I go looking for them I learn something else new, ha.

  2. re your comment on my "insurance" blog
    I suspect I would be wise NOT the mention the animals eh?
    waddau you think?

    1. Hmmm, well here in the states, if you just drop something and break it, or knock something off and it hits something else and breaks it, it's not covered (otherwise everyone would just break stuff when they needed something new). However, if something is damaged in the course of another "peril", it's covered. Here, if something is damaged in the course of trying to eliminate the animal, it can be covered. I had a customer once that had a raccoon in their wall and they had to punch holes in it trying to get it out. They covered that. Not sure what they'd do in your case, here anyway, I'd feel comfortable in letting them know about the animal chase, but again, that's here. :-)

      Keep us posted!!!

    2. Racoons in the walls, people under the stairs.... what a marvelously exciting world we live in !!

  3. I grew up in England in the 50s and60s. we had a metal 5gallon drum beside our dustbin (garbage can). it was called the pig swill bin. we put all our vegetable and fruit peelings etc. In there. the pigswill man (a local farmer) came with his horse and cart once a week and took away whatever was in the bin to feed his pigs. nothing went to waste. i,m sure the farmer saved a lot of money on pig feed. not very good at typing on the ipad!!!!

    1. WOW! That's cool. Thank you for that firsthand info. That's really neat. I suppose it could have been turned to compost too. Could you imagine in people did that now?

      No worries about the typing, totally understand. Thanks for sharing that story, I love it!!

  4. I have the janitor at our school cafeteria save food waste for our pigs and chickens. My "salad bar" gal saves all of the trimmings for me, too. Of course, most folks think I'm the "weird" head cook! I do share bacon, chops and eggs with my "scrap-savers"...and they are totally on board!

  5. It is my belief municipalities should all invest in single-stream recycling where everything can go in one big pot and then its sorted out at the end. Well, maybe two pots. One for compostables/yard debris and the other everything else. Then it no longer is a function of individuals having the ability to not recycle. ;)


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