Monday, October 22, 2012


The last few weekends, I've been shopping...CAR shopping.

My car is older and it was time.  It's not that I relish going out and having to deal with that, but I currently drive a Saturn, which was a GM car.  Unfortunately, Saturn didn't make it out of the GM bailout and the company no longer exists.  It's also a couple of years out of warranty and parts are no longer being made so I run the risk of a break down with who knows what problem in getting it repaired.  With my new job being close to the house in town, us driving back and forth to the farm more often, and gas prices on the rise, I also wanted something with good gas mileage. 

So I've been shopping at various dealers the last few weekends, trying to narrow it down and decide and now I can officially say that I ordered a car!  It's being built exactly the way I want it and should arrive in about four weeks.  I'll unveil it here on the blog when it comes in but there are a couple of clues in this image, ha.  I'll have to admit the process was very easy.  Perhaps it's the dealer or maybe brand I chose but regardless, I'm grateful for the ease that's for sure.


  1. It has 4 wheels and it's red. It must have a good trunk or space to put things a la shopping cart.

  2. Or, you've stolen a shopping cart, painted it red and haven't told 2nd man yet that he'll be the pusher and you'll be the rider!!!!!!LOL


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