Friday, October 26, 2012


Galvanized metal magazine rack
I've have had this stored away for awhile, but was never sure where to put it.  It's a galvanized metal storage rack, maybe for files originally, perhaps magazines?  I've been trying to figure out where to put it and I just realized the width was about the same as one of the set of shelves in the mudroom.

So last week, I mounted it on the side/end of that smaller shelving unit and will use it as a place for all the owners manuals for appliances and tools at the farm. There are four compartments, and for now I've just put some random stuff in there but I'll have to divide them up into four categories.  Maybe "appliances", "outdoor tools", and two more, just not sure what those will be.

Any suggestions?

I do know that it's great to be able to now have them all in one spot.  No more running around going "where is that instruction manual?"


  1. I think thats a great use for this cabinet, does the job well!

  2. Electronics (TV, computer, radios, etc)? Sales receipts? I have a miniature version of that in my kitchen, it's a great catch-all for coupons and mail.

  3. Very cool - I like being organised (or should that be I hate wasting time looking for something LOL)

  4. this is a great idea. now where do i find one for myself. it is the perfect place to keep manuals for appliances.

  5. I love galvanized anything. Great idea to use for manuals.

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