Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Got the October batch of seeds from the SEEDS OF THE MONTH club.  As I always do since I've been getting these, here they are for this month:

Amaranth, "Red Garnett"
Parsley, "Forest Green"
Rutabaga, "American Purple Top"
Cress, "Wrinkled Crinkled"

And also as always, I ask you for gardening tips, harvesting advice and just general information on growing them from those that may have first hand experience with any of these.  Any cooking and/or eating tips on the veggies if anyone has any?  I'm not sure I know what Amaranth is or how it's used and I'm almost certain I've never eaten a Rutabaga.

Thanks as always!!


  1. I'd throw away the rutabega because I've never liked it, but the amaranth is not only a beautiful plant but it has seeds that can be used in LOTS of ways in cooking and are really healthy. dianne

  2. I love both rutabaga and amaranth in cooking. Rutabaga is best when it's young and not large and woody - cooking like you would potatoes or mix it with potatoes and other roots like parsley or celeriac.

    Amaranth is a grain that is very versitilie and can be used in soups, as a side dish and has very high protein level.

  3. amaranth is a grain and i love it. rutabega can be used a lot like potatoes. i like it roasted or boiled and mashed with salt pepper and cream. Mmmmm!


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