Wednesday, December 26, 2012


I thought I'd share my Christmas over the next few days, starting with some books.  I've linked to the Amazon pages for them in case any of you are interested in reading more about them or purchasing them. 

Christmas Books
The first book was one that, of course, 2nd Man knew I just had to have.  It's the Green Chile Bible: Award-Winning New Mexico Recipes.  This is a cookbook featuring the famed green chile from New Mexico.  In case you're wondering why, it's because of all the Hatch Green Chiles I roasted a few months back and stored away in the freezer.  Hmm...of course, since he does so much cooking, perhaps it's a way for him to gain a new cookbook too?  LOL!  Either way, the book is long out of print and a welcome addition to our library!

The next one was a nice surprise that will give me some great recipes to try out at the farm next Spring and Summer.  It's a cookbook/recipe book called
It contains over a hundred recipes to make our own liqueurs and such, like fruit liqueurs. Might have to try out something with dewberry when they come into bloom.  I think there is even a recipe for homemade amaretto.  Mmmm...

The last book surprise was Alluring Lettuces: And Other Seductive Vegetables for Your Garden.  It's a really neat book that showcases 75 different vegetables that are very unusual and unique.  As the book says, these are varieties that you won't find in the grocery store.  From what I've seen as I've briefly thumbed through it, there are lots of Heirlooms, with their histories and growing information so I'll very much look forward to reading this one as well.

Those were a few of my gifts.  As I read them and use them, either to cook or garden, I'll be sure and post updated reviews.  Feel free to check them out if you are so inclined.  I'll share a couple of other gifts later this week.  I'll have to give 2nd Man credit for thinking of some really fun and thoughtful gifts.

How about you?  Any awesome books you got that you just can't wait to read?


  1. One book I've always wanted....Cook's Illustrated. Many times, when I want a special recipe, I'll usually begin with an on line search for the Cook's Illustrated version. Now I have them all at my fingertips! Got a Tramontina enamel cast iron Dutch oven to go with it, too!

  2. I am in full downsizing mode - so cookbooks are on their way out! However, that being said, that Alluring Lettuces looks very intriguing.


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