Thursday, December 27, 2012


White porch swing, photo courtesy of:
Here is one of my favorite things...a porch swing.  Just as this picture shows, I think they are so inviting...come on over, sit down, kick off your shoes, grab a book and just relax.  Ma had one up before we bought the house, but of course took it with her when she moved to put up at her new house.

I even like them when they are under trees, and we have a couple big enough for a swing as well.

We don't have one yet, but at least we finally have the porch!  Do any of you have a porch swing?  


  1. We had a swing that hung from our maple tree when we moved here, but it was very rickety and we finally had to take it down. I would love to have another!

  2. I have a swing in my garden. From it I watch the sunrise, the birds at the feeder and in the evenings sip a glass of wine as the day draws to a close.
    It is also a very good place to read and just let the world go by.

  3. For inspiration check out Susan @ Between Naps on the Porch, her's is on a screen in porch but still very inspirational blog.

  4. No we don;t have one but it is also on my want list. The race is on to see who gets one first.
    Love leanne

  5. I've often thought of putting one up on my screen porch, where I have a couple of comfortable chaises. When folks come by, that's where we sit and have a glass of ice tea. A swing would be a nice addition to the lounging options. Wonder if I'd get even less work done? ;)

  6. Every day, even in winter, ok, not every day in winter....I sit on my swing chair and enjoy my view of nature. I saved up and bought one. Mine is a generic one but very strong. I will 'one day' have one just like the one in that photo. Nothing better than swinging away reading my book out in the fresh air. GET ONE, you will LOVE it..and 2nd man will, too I am sure! ;)

  7. I do not have a porch nor swing. What I now have as of last summer is an old teak bench. My daughter bought a new home and was going to toss if she did not find a home for her teak patio furniture. I told her yes! my front yard has a slight up grade then levels off. by my pink dogwood tree I always wanted a bench. It is so much fun to go out and just sit. One day I saw my neighbor and friend just sitting and reading her mail. She just loves the bench there. I told any time she just want to come and sit, please do :)


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