Saturday, December 8, 2012


As many of you know, we are sponsoring a pig for a friend's son.  He is in the FFA (Future Farmers of America) and this is his first livestock.  He graciously decided to name the pig "Seda", after our farm "Seda Bolsa".

Seda the FFA pig
Here is Seda's latest picture.  Notice the sign that my friend made for his pen?  She's kind of "crafty" like that.  I think it looks awesome.  I'm sure her son was all "Mom, seriously, do we really need a sign on the pen?"

They didn't have a tape measure when this picture was taken, so the only stat we have is his weight: 152 lbs.

When we first "met" him, he weighed about 60 lbs, so he's gained almost one hundred pounds.  Amazing how fast they gain weight (almost like the rest of us at the holidays!).  He's also looking really good and is very healthy and according to the instructor, at all the right numbers for everything moving forward to auction in a few months.

More measurement stats soon.


The Stay @ Home-Gardener said...

What a babe.

kymber said...

i just love Seda, 1st Man...and i love updates on his progress. and i love that sign - how awesome is that?!?!?!!? everytime i think of the name "Seda", i think of how pig farmers call to pigs with the call "suuu-eeeey, suuu-eeeeey, suuu-eeeey". and then i think of calling to Seda and making the same sound - "Seeee-daaaa, Seee-daaa, Seeee-daaaaa" - does that make any sense? bahahahahahah! but that's what i think of.

i think it's pretty frickin amazing for you and 2nd Man to be sponsoring your friend's child. he's gonna grow up and do amazing things...all because some people, you and 2nd Man, cared enough.

your friend,

DFW said...

The Stay at Home-Gardener stole my line.

Seda is just beautiful and I love the sign. I'm sure the son rolled his eyes.

LindaG said...

Definitely a great looking pig.

Little Acres Cottage said...

I'm in love <3