Saturday, December 29, 2012


It's cold and gray today, damp, wet, windy and cold.  Current temperature as I type this is 39 degrees.  The high humidity coupled with the wind makes the actual "feels like" temperature in the low 30's.  It's only getting colder.

I know there are those of you in parts of the country with temps in the 20's, 10's, and even below zero.  I feel for you.

Not much any outside work getting done this weekend, so we came back into town.  It's a good day to stay in and read the books I got for Christmas.

So stay in and stay warm wherever you are.


LindaG said...

It has been gray windy and wet here, too!
Stay warm!

dianefaith said...

Cold, wet weather here in Georgia, too. A few times, the rain tried to turn into snow. It's interesting to see a raindrop make a brief pattern on your windshield.

Kris said...

I hear ya! But it's hard to stay inside when there are lots of sheep and goats to feed. And they like to eat and will let me know too. So I am in and out all day. We did get some snow flurries here in N. Ga. today. Even have some on my Trooper tonight. And it is cold too. I am loving my new wood heater these days! Nothing warmer than a good wood fire. I hope you enjoy those books and are staying nice and toasty!

Kelly said...

COLD??? I talked to a lady in Katy yesterday that was complaining it was 50. Uhhh, it was 12 here. and we are near zero at night. We keep the dogs inside at this time of year instead of in their outdoor dog house. It's just too cold.