Thursday, December 6, 2012


Garden shed with pond, photo courtesy of:
OK, this is one of those off the wall photos that just inspires me for a variety of reasons.  The greenery, the small pond, the ramshackle overcrowded shed, a comfy place to sit and relax...I just like the mix.

I've always wanted a small pond and that coupled with the disorganization of the shed, is pretty neat.  It seems more like how a shed might really be.  It makes it kind of fun and not quite so intimidating, you know?  I'm not even sure what it is supposed to function as.  A potting shed?  A storage shed?  A covered lean-to of some sort that has just accumulated stuff over the years?  Who knows.  I do know (well, I imagine), that sitting in that rocker in the shade, looking back toward the pond toward who knows what on the other side of the camera lens, would be five kinds of relaxing, don't you think?

See you back here tomorrow!


  1. Lovely picture. I have a pond, and I have a shed, but one is not close to the other. However, I do have a little meditation garden area down by the pond's edge, where I can watch the Great Blue Heron that comes to feed. And have lunch. And read.
    Life is good.

  2. My brother built a pond in his back yard. He has a... trellis with a bench near it.
    I'd link you to his posts, but now that Webshots is a brat and wants to charge for their services, I've asked him to find the posts to link you to instead.

    Good luck!

  3. Nice shed. Although I would prefer to make mine this summer a little less 'rustic'. ;)

  4. That is so nice. The only thing I see that I would do is put a little waterfall in the pond. I love waterfalls. But then if there was a waterfall, there would have to be a bathroom real close. Maybe it's good the way it is. I would love to be sitting there right now knitting. Very nice space.

  5. I could sit there with a book and a pot of tea for days...awesome :)

  6. A place to reteat from a nagging partner perhap? :) I have a pond with waterfall and Koi outside my diningroom window - very calming. Laura

  7. Everyone needs a place to day dream or read a book. Fantastic photo.


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