Sunday, December 16, 2012


Red Cross - Sox Knit Your Bit
Last weekend, I posted something similar to this poster.  That one was a British poster from WWII, this one also from WWII, asked the same thing of Americans, to do some knitting and make socks for the troops.

As this poster says, "Our Boys Need Sox, Knit Your Bit".  I like the knit your bit line, kind of catchy.  I didn't realize that knitting was an important part of the war effort.  The gardening and food saving was what I always thought of as important to the war effort, but I find it really neat that soldiers were wearing homemade socks.  I just wonder how many hundreds of thousands (millions?) of socks were actually knitted across the world?

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  1. LOve that "knit your bit". I think I might start using that with my friends, hahaha. Janie


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