Thursday, August 29, 2013


Crape Myrtle and Garden Implement, image courtesy of
Here is a picture I found online once that appealed to me.  But as much as I love the Crape Myrtle tree and how pretty it is, I think I love the old, rusted farm implement just as much.  I've always liked the look of something that is old and abandoned.  Some people might see it as junk but I think, done correctly, it can be a neat focal point in a yard.  

I suppose that someday, I could ask around the area and see if anyone has anything like this that they want to get rid of.  I consider it a kind of garden art of sorts.  It somehow seems appropriate?

Be inspired!


DFW said...

Love the pic. Old Rusted farm equipment goes for a hefty price in our neck of the woods.

Sandy said...

1st Man,

Beautiful inspirational art for your front yard. Remember it will take a lot of work to maintain the area around the art work. The big green machine won't be able to get close to cut the grass around the farm equipment.

Joani said...

Yes, this old stuff has become quite pricey these days. But, if you're lucky, you might find just the thing you are looking for someday. Check craigs list.

1st Man said...

Well wouldn't that figure, ha. I find something we might like and now it's 'in demand' ha. Sigh. :-)

1st Man said...

Dang, you brought me back down to Earth, ha. No, that is very true and I really didn't think about that. I know what a pain it is going around things on the property now. :-) I'll remember that, thanks!!

1st Man said...

Ah, yes, Craig's list is always a good place huh? I bet there is something maybe not so rusty that someone might be ok with getting rid of and then I can let it rust in place, ha.