Sunday, August 18, 2013


Vintage Save Your Cans poster, WWII, image courtesy of NY Library Archives
Aluminum was valuable during the war and so just as they urged people to save and conserve other resources, urged people to save their cans.  It certainly brought the people together for a common cause.  This poster shows a woman's hand giving cans to a soldier that then become ammunition for the troops. I guess that gets the point across.

Apparently, they recycled everything during the war, cans, old pots and pans, even old wheels.  If it was scrap and could be used, it was.  Not a bad way to live then and not a bad way to live today.

Hope you are having a good weekend.  For us, it's errand running.  Did get some farm time in, even though it's hovering around 100 again, ugh.

More later this afternoon!


donna baker said...

Oddly enough, the scrap metal yard near here has mountains of scrap nowadays; they say all the metal goes to China.

Joani said...

Go figure.....everything goin to China....including our $s. Have a great Sunday.

Linda said...

China takes our scrap and makes inferior building material for skyscrapers--girders. I recycle everything at our local salvage yard--lamps beyond use, rusty chains, soup/tuna type cans, soda cans, old pieces of fence--everything. I have a container where I drop the piece of the nail clipper that broke off, broken screws, bit of metal from wherever. I may only get fifty cents for this little bag, but it does not go in a landfill. I do not deliver it separately but take it with a trunk full of cans and junk.

1st Man said...

REALLY??? Wow, that's kind of sad isn't it? Nice that so many people give up scrap to be reused, but then shipping it all off to China? Ugh.

1st Man said...

Sad but true. :-(

1st Man said...

Good for you, that's an awesome idea. I didn't realize they were making inferior steel and such, kind of scary in an earthquake prone country huh?

Great idea to keep bits like that. I'll have to remember that. Thanks!!