Sunday, August 11, 2013


It was a good weekend but hot again.  Summer can't be over soon enough.  There were little projects done inside, some cleaning and reorganizing so it was productive.  I also got a nap in while being in the peace and quiet of the country and that's always a good thing.  We also had something delivered, that I'll blog about on Wednesday.

OK, taking advice from all of you, I tackled the wasp nests this weekend.  Mission accomplished!  Thank you!  Since I didn't have time to stop and get stuff, I decided to use what I had on hand.  Sprayed the one up on the ceiling of the porch with WD40.  Here it is after, empty and all wasps gone.  I'll leave it up as a warning to other wasps, ha.

Here is the one in the rosemary bush and for that one I sprayed it with PAM so as to not contaminate the rosemary.  Here it is after, there was one wasp left on it but it flew off later and never came back.  I haven't removed this nest but will cut the branch off and dispose of it all together.

Inside, where it was cool, I put up another curtain in a doorway, this is the opening between the foyer and the living room.  We figured there was no need to cool the foyer space if we aren't using it (farm has window units) so I got another curtain that matched the others I used a few months back.  Click HERE to read that post.  It helped the room get cooler much faster which is perfect!

And how hot was it?  Pardon the picture quality, I used my cell phone since I was already in the car and the camera was packed in the back.  I didn't realize how dusty my lens apparently is, ha. This was the outside temp when I left the farm, at 4pm!  Ugh. Hope you had a great weekend doing whatever makes you happy!


jaz@octoberfarm said...

glad you got rid of the wasps...wd40...great idea! i just read about window a/c units being so much more efficient because you can just cool the places you want and not waste the energy to cool the entire house. poor you...105 degrees...eeesch! how awful! bring on fall.

Tombstone Livestock said...

Good to see you made progress with the wasps without a trip to town. You can probably make your own traps too. We used to have problems camping, would take a coffee can and hang a piece of meat or bacon above some soapy water. Maybe take a 2 liter plastic bottle and cut some holes just big enough for wasps to fly in and hang some meat in there with a little soapy water in the bottom of the bottle. Cheaper than buying traps to just throw away.

2 Tramps said...

Very creative wasp removal. You use what you have... A couple years ago I used Lysol spray to get a pack rat out of the engine of our truck at elk camp. Worked really well and smelled good, too!

SkippyMom said...

What awesome tips. I read the post but didnt' come back to read the comments. I missed out [and will head over as soon as I am done here.]

Plus I just read 2 Tramps hint about pack rats and not only am I laughing, I am jotting that one down too.

A fun AND informative blog 1st man. You go Man! WOOT!

Take care and try and stay cool. xo

Sandy said...

Great wasp removal, I would rather use a natural item them spray anyway.

You have a nice looking curtain there my friend, I have the same only there red in color.

Yes that is warm. Today after returning from New Mexico, we opened up our truck and started the engine. Our temperature gauge stated 126 degrees. I almost died, then after the truck cooled down it dropped to 100 degrees.

1st Man said...

Window units are nice, they are not the most attractive things in the world (and I hate losing the view out the window) but they do work well to cool, especially in smaller homes. And of course they cool one room amazingly well.

Fall can't get here soon enough! :-)

1st Man said...

Smart idea! Thank you!!!

1st Man said...

Ha, now that's smart too. We usually have lysol, heck I should have used that, ha. The PAM was great because it was safe on the Rosemary but I bet Lysol would have worked on the big nest!

1st Man said...

Thank you, you are always so sweet.

Isn't the pack rat thing funny? Hey whatever works, I'm remembering that one too!

1st Man said...

Oooh, I bet red is very nice looking. It's such a great way to save energy and even create a bit of privacy, or make the room a bit cozier.

126, I believe it. And 100 degrees? That's a regular cool front, LOL!