Sunday, August 4, 2013


Old Mesquite Tree
It was a good stay inside!

Phew, it was SO hot at the farm.  I didn't need to mow, the lack of rain, again, has started turning everything brown again.  This shot of the area around Barnabas, the old mesquite party tree, is once again the last bastion of green grass.  I did need to edge but really, when it's 103 degrees and the feels like is 120, there is only so much 'outside' stuff you can do.

I actually got the weed eater machine out, fueled it up, went outside and stood there for a few minutes.  Then I thought "this is crazy" and went back inside.  I did take some pictures to share in the days to come, and did a few more things inside but that was about it.  The heat is just too much.

Hope whatever you did, wherever you are this weekend, you had a good one!


Sandy said...

1st Man,

My husband is pretty much from the state of Texas, he has always told me when summer comes you get up at 5AM do what you can do, go back in at 10AM, and don't go back out until the sun starts going down to do any work outside.

Joani said...

It is just too HOT around here to do most anything outside. Even in the early a.m. I go out & water what I think needs an extra drink and fight off the mosquitoes and I'm back inside under the a/c. It is what it is.

Lorilee said...

It was a good day for drying clothes on the clothesline. It didn't take long for them to dry!

jaz@octoberfarm said...

i sure am glad we don't have that heat! keep it down there!

1st Man said...

I can TOTALLY understand that. It really is impossible to do anything during the day outside. It's just so oppressively hot. Y'all stay cool too!!!

1st Man said...

LOL, I was fighting off the mosquitoes too. It's early morning or late evening. Not much other choice huh?

1st Man said...

Wow, I can imagine. Ah and that dried outside smell that is so fresh and wonderful. I'm jealous!! :-)

1st Man said...

Ha, you sure you don't want to trade for just a tad bit of cooler weather down here? Ha.