Sunday, October 19, 2014


Fighter Weighs 8 Tons, vintage poster image, courtesy of Pennsylvania War Museum
This is a really unusual poster.  They say this is "a fine specimen of American manhood", LOL.  It comes from the Pennsylvania Railroad and the purpose was to remind everyone that if they experience slow service on the railroad, it's because they are busy shipping supplies overseas for the war effort.  Each soldier, while weighing 180 lbs here, needed 8 tons of equipment, supplies, food and ammunition shipped to them overseas.

Hope your weekend is going well, I posted earlier in the day about part of the weekend here, planting some trees.  More updates later when I can get back in front of the computer. 


  1. Just went from reading an article in the news about an ad they are about to release in Canberra about how bad the "grabbable gut" is for you with internal images of bad fat suffocating internal organs to this..........a might fine looking man!!!!!! THAAAANK YOUUUU

    1. Ooh, just had a thought re mystery visitor. Now that you might know where it is coming in perhaps you could lay down a tray of damp sand or dirt to try and get a foot imprint. You might be able to identify it by its tracks. Though a sensor activated video would be better. I am intrigued.

  2. Well well, there's some eye candy for a sunday. Those advertising execs knew what they were doing even back in 1940's, ha.

  3. Neat poster for sure. It is kind of a fascinating way of talking about it. Hope you had a good weekend too. I saw your tree plantings, they sure will be pretty.

  4. That guy has nothing on you. He needed 8 tons of equipment and supplies - heck, you’ve LIFTED 8 tons of equipment and supplies in your Farm activities/adventures!!

    Glad you got some things accomplished at the Farm this weekend.


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