Saturday, October 4, 2014


It was a beautiful day...couldn't have asked for better weather.
But there was an unexpected moment (nothing bad, just unplanned).
More on that later.

This unexpected moment meant I didn't get to most the list...

* Clear the grass and weeds from the raised beds  NO
* Clear the grass runners in the mulch at the front of the garden NO
* Roam around the property and take some pictures YES
* Dig some holes for the trees/bushes we bought NO
* Put up some shelves in one of the closets YES
* Sit on the porch with a glass of tea and enjoy KIND OF
* Fill mouse openings around the house with foam mixed with steel wool YES
* Use the wood from cutting closet shelves to cover up the snake openings under the sinks and fill in those gaps with foam and steel wool as well YES
* Take a nap with the windows open NO
* Plant the trees/bushes in above mentioned holes NO
* Dump the sweet potato containers and see what happened underground NO

I did get a few things done that weren't ON the list.  It was a strange, long to bed early, so enjoy this view from the farm's backyard...


  1. It actually looks like a productive list! What's the unexpected???? Staying tuned! laura

    1. LOL, nothing bad, let's just say unexpected visitors, ha.

  2. Replies
    1. All is good, now, ha. Took some cleaning up to remedy.

  3. Curiouser and curiouser! I shiver with anticipation! :-D. Also kinda weirded out by your blog, Hope all is ok. Your pictures sure are pretty.

    1. Oh, I was shivering too, not with anticipation though...stay tuned. And all is ok, just more adventures in the country. ;-)

  4. You didn't do too badly...perhaps you overestimated how much can be done in a day.

    1. This is true....might have had time for a lot of it if we weren't distracted by other events, ha.


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