Friday, October 3, 2014


A cold front came through last night.  The image on the left is the radar of the state showing the line.  That line is literally the cold front, moving down through the state, cold air meeting warm and creating storms.  In a way it's kind of pretty, definitely a fascinating image from nature.  We got a little over an inch of rain, so the plants and trees are happy.  Best of all, the front brought gorgeous weather.  We are supposed to have lows tonight in the 50's, highs in the 70's and perfectly clear skies all weekend.  Oh, it's been a long hot Summer, and so we are glad to see this weather coming.  

The plan this weekend is to catch up on the projects postponed by the last couple of bad weather weekends:

* Clear the grass and weeds from the raised beds
* Clear the grass runners taking over the mulch at the front of the garden
* Roam around the property and take some pictures
* Dig some holes for the trees/bushes we bought 
* Put up some shelves in one of the closets
* Sit on the porch with a glass of tea and enjoy
* Fill mouse size openings around the house with foam mixed with steel wool
* Use the wood from cutting closet shelves to cover up the snake openings under the sinks and fill in those gaps with foam and steel wool as well
* Take a nap with the windows open
* Plant the trees/bushes in above mentioned holes
* Dump the sweet potato containers and see what happened underground

Check in later this weekend to see what we're able to check off the list.  And speaking of the list, they aren't all necessarily listed in the order in which they will happen, LOL!  Hope you all have a great weekend and are enjoying nice weather wherever you are!


  1. That was some thunder-boomer last night! We got an inch and a quarter - my plants are rejoicing along with yours.
    It's going to be a beautiful weekend for all of your plans. The third, sixth, ninth, and eleventh items on your list sound like the most fun! I hope your sweet potato barrel is full of orange yummies.

    I am just about finished planting my vegetable garden. Fall flower planting tomorrow - calendula, violas, petunias, stock, snapdragons, dianthus, and mums.
    Oh, this beautiful cooler weather - ahh!

    1. Wasn't that a storm? But the weather turned SO pretty. Didn't get to the sweet taters but all will be explained. It still was an beauty of a weekend. Fall flowers...I bet it's beautiful!

  2. Sounds like a busy weekend. Take some time to smell the sweet potatoes lol.

  3. Boy, what a weekend you have planned. By the way, I am happy (really mad) about your lemon disease posting. I had been getting all my citrus plants out of Connecticut and nary had a problem. Two years ago, I began buying citrus plants from TX, and lo and behold, I had several plants with the diseases on the agri site. I am so upset. Now, I'll have a greenhouse full of sick plants. I feel like hauling them all down to south TX to reciprocate, but guess Tx has enough problems fighting Ebola. I live 3 hours from Dallas and with the way they are messing it up, I just hope someone doesn't drive north with it. Anyway, I was glad to know what's happening to my citrus plants and have started dosing them with fungicide, though I hope it's not too late. By the way, you can grow Meyer lemons in a sunny window where you live.

    1. OH OH! Well, glad you may have found a reason for the citrus mess. We bought a couple last year and they didn't make it either. Now I wonder. I chalked it up to the ground/weather but now I wonder.. Yeah, the Ebola event is kind of crazy huh? It seems one misstep after another. Makes us a bit nervous even being South of Dallas. Houston has a non stop flight from Nigeria to Houston. At least we have the farm to go to in case we had to.

  4. My now that is a list & a half! Hope you get it all completed.
    I am working on my October list & can mark a couple off.
    Lovely weather here 28C today, lovely sunshine.
    Enjoy your weekend.

    1. I make these lists at the last minute before the weekend....perhaps I should plan further out, like you do, that makes better sense to me. :-) Hope you are having/had a great weekend yourself!


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