Sunday, October 26, 2014


Bones for Salvage vintage poster image, courtesy of Wikicommons
Here is a fun poster (and the closest I could get to something 'Halloween themed', ha).  Apparently, during WWII, in the recycling for the war effort, bone were used in ammunition (among other things).  There were actual 'bone collection' boxes/stations around the city.

I wonder what would happened today if people were asked to save bones?

Hope you are having a great weekend.  It's been fairly productive around these parts, but still very warm in the day and that limits outside time.

More later!


  1. when we bought our first house in the attic I found piles of magazines from the 30's and up to the 50's, I remember seeing this advertised, makes one think doesn't it, as to how far our wastefulness has actually come, now days people want the bones removed from everything, lol, no saving bones for most, we make stock with our left over bones, I don't make ammunition, lol

  2. I had no idea they used bones for ammo.....who knew????

  3. I mentioned making "bone broth" to someone and she looked at me as if I were crazy.


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