Friday, January 15, 2016


So...while we were busy unpacking in the other room one day, we kept hearing noises...but kind of just didn't think much of it while it was happening.  It was sporadic, over the course of 30 minutes or so.  I walked down the hall into the laundry room and saw this:

And then looked up on the washer and saw this:

Who, me??
Hobart apparently discovered where we had temporarily put all the cat toys during the move, a basket on top of the know, someplace where they 'couldn't get to it'...

Can't fault the (not so) little guy for wanting to have fun.  He was actually dropping them down on the floor and Brisbane was getting them too. We can only imagine the conversation they had beforehand...

Still fighting off a cold but I finally have the upper hand, though now 2nd Man is getting stuffy and sore throat, sigh.  Not sure what the weekend will bring.

Cats just wanna have fun!


  1. awwwwwwwwwwww, pussies just wanna have fun!

  2. Hahahahaha - they certainly outfoxed you. Well, at least their mischief was orderly, the mind shudders at the chaos they could've caused whilst you were unpacking...

  3. My sister's cat loved to help me unpack any luggage I brought to her house. I did not appreciate their help. Your cats could have been unpacking all the detergent pods. I can imagine how the pods would fare with claws picking at

  4. Smart cats. Now, you take care.....chicken soup, ecchinacea (sp?), vitamin C and drink lots.

  5. Cats always find fun. And I am so glad that the fun yours found was so innocent. Not always the case here...

  6. if only we could speak cat, lol, the stories we would hear!!!

  7. Mine never wants to play with actual human made toys specific for cats... it is always hair ties, balls of aluminum foil, stuff on the table....

  8. LOL!! That is one BIG basket of toys. I'm guessing a pair of very spoilt (well loved) kitties!

  9. Oh, how funny! It sounds like a cooperative effort between the two of them.
    Hobart: “Which one do you want next?”
    Brisbane: “Throw down the red, squeaky one!”
    Hobart: “This one? Or this one?”
    Brisbane: “Just throw down all of them!”

  10. Cute and Oh, so funny; but hey, they where just helping with the unpacking. :} Kids (in this case) cats just wanta have fun.
    Have a great weekend and hope you get to feeling better.
    Fort Worth Stock Show is on, so it's time for that cold, nasty weather to move in. Happens every year when the stock show is going on. We usually have rain, sleet and snow and at times a bad ice storm.

  11. Hobart's got his "thanks dads for the kitty play room" look on.


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