Sunday, January 10, 2016


We have been having problems with our ATT Uverse all weekend.  Ugh.  So I haven't been able to post anything new or reply to comments.  

But then late today, we discovered that our apartment building has free Wi-Fi downstairs in the morning room area.  I came down here to put up a post for tonight and schedule one for tomorrow.  Wish we had known that earlier!  They probably told us but in your head you think "well, we will have our own internet connection..." and so that doesn't register.  At least now we know for future problems, though hopefully we won't have these problems regularly.

Didn't go to the farm this weekend, took a well deserved weekend off to try to finish up here in town.  We've had rain on and off most of the week so everything was watered and 2nd Family checked the bees, from a distance, and they are still going in and out with lots of traffic so hopefully that's continued good news for our beekeeping adventures.  

There is more to do here at the apartment but all boxes are now unpacked and almost everything is put up into its new home.  We found we had a LOT of kitchen stuff.  Probably more than we have of anything else, imagine that, ha.  

Speaking of kitchen stuff...

Fettuccine Alfredo with Chicken
...2nd Man made one of my favorite dishes, fettuccine alfredo with chicken.  Lots of yummy for me with anything pasta related, ha.  Too many helpings so now I'm in a food coma while trying to blog.

And here is a sunset view from one of the living room windows.  While it's not the farm sunset we love so much, it's not a bad second option.  If we're going to have to be in town for a few more years, we won't mind seeing this.  At the house, we never got any sunset view, too many tall houses/building around us.  It's kind of nice to see this for a change.  

Hope you had a great weekend!


  1. Pretty sunset Soon y'all be at the Farm full-time :) Have you thought of putting up a web cam pointed at the bees? That might let you know how the one got knocked over. Just a thought. (And no, I don't know how to do that, LOL!)

  2. Love the colors of that sunset! And I’m salivating over the Fettuccine Alfredo - yum!

  3. What a gorgeous view and what a delicious looking pasta dish!

  4. ooooooooh, I wanna try some of that gorgeous food! and your view is fine!

  5. That sunset picture is loveĺy! Glad the bees are doing well.

  6. Beautiful photo of your city sunset; but nothing beats the beauty of a country sunrise and sunsets.


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