Wednesday, September 6, 2017


After yesterday's post with creepy crawlies, in happy animal news, the property next door to us at the farm has some new residents...

These two adorable furries! 

After a bit of coaxing, "J" from 2nd Family was able to get the little one over to the fence. Still can't  touch, but baby steps! Adorable is the only word we can think of. We love seeing livestock on the other properties around us, and since we share a fence line with them, it's like having our own cows, horses, donkeys and mules, ha. 

The first nice, cool weekend out there and I'll be at the fence all day trying to pet that little one!  


  1. What a cutie and what a beautiful furry coat it has.
    Would love to put my arms around it and give it one Big hug.
    Looks like you will have to stock up on some carrot snacks to feed your new furry neighbors. :}
    So, have they named the adorable guy / gal yet?

  2. Love them! We have 9, actually 6 minis and 3 standards. Like Colleen says, bring carrots, and ours like apples too. Today is beautiful although windy, 79 at 11:30. Hope you get to enjoy the weekend out here!

  3. Oh they are beautiful! Much better than the creepy crawlies lol! :)

  4. That is wonderful you can live vicariously through farm neighbor's animals. You have none of the muss and all the fuss. They will soon love you. I would love to live where I could see other people's farm animals. How old is the baby?

  5. That is just sooooooo cute! Our donkey loved bread that had been dried out in the oven.

  6. Your new 4-legged neighbors are sooo cute. Especially the baby - he's as fluffy as a little bunny! With you giving them treats, they'll be your buddies in no times.

  7. Dan wants donkeys but I'm the party-pooper on that one! They are adorable, though, aren't they?

  8. Never had one of those on the farm, but I hear they are the best of animals to keep.


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