Sunday, June 17, 2018


It's been a weekend to try to beat the weather...

Garden harvest
We had a great harvest this weekend:

20 banana peppers
14 tomatoes
8 jalapeƱos
2 cucumbers

The garden though is starting to struggle.  Not sure why.  Too much water?  Not enough?  Doing it remotely always makes it difficult finding the proper balance.  Maybe it just got too hot too soon.

The cucumbers, which about this time last year were starting to go crazy, well we're only getting a few per week.  Maybe they'll explode here soon?

The eggplants are getting eaten by ants.  Not sure how to fix that.

Drying garlic
Garlic still drying nicely. it shrinks a bit as it pulls inward during drying and sealing the head.  When this happens, the outer layer of paper (the part that has the dirt from the planting still on it) starts to come loose.  This one is a good example of the process.  Underneath, we will be left with heads of garlic that look like what you find in the store.

When I got to the farm, the sky was blue and partly cloudy...

...and here's the same angle later in the afternoon.  The weather was definitely starting to change.

I didn't have to mow at all.  In fact, it looked exactly the same as last week after I mowed because the ground is just so dry.  So we're OK with the rain, since we need it.

It's raining now and supposed to most of the day today.  So far though, it's gentle and starting/stopping so that's fine.

Vintage juice glasses
I found this in our storage a few months back and took the opportunity to wash it and clean it all up. Thought I'd share a picture.  It's a vintage set of juice glasses, with each glass having a different flower design on it.  The cool thing is that they all fit into this handy dandy metal carrier. 

Fresh baked bread
2nd Man decided that a rainy day is a good day to bake, so he's making some white bread.  A couple loaves, one for us to eat on for a few days and one for me to take to the office and share.  

To all the Dads out there, those who are here and those who are long gone, we love everything Dads do for us...


  1. Those a beautiful vegetables. Did the glasses come with the carrier? You two are fathers!--Cat Daddy #1 and Cat Daddy #2.

    1. Yes, the glasses came with it but there were a few duplicates. Then a couple years later, we found another set and it let us complete this one with every glass different.

      Cat Daddy, I like that!!

  2. We had scattered light showers off and on but nothing to amount to much as the light showers didn't last long; not even enough to wet the ground.
    I think it might be the heat on low production of some of your veggies but them peppers are sure doing well. Them banana peppers do grow fast and hardy.

    Beautiful set of glasses / carrier. Lucky for you to grabbing them up when you did.
    2nd Man; the bread looks delicious and fresh baked bread always makes the place smell nice and I bet you neighbors could smell that bread baking as well; wondering what apartment it was coming from.
    You both have a great evening

    1. Thank you Yes the peppers are crazy fast growing. And yep probably too hot too quickly. Next we we might start the garden even earlier.

      I went downstairs for something and came back up and when I got off the elevator I could smell the bread baking, ha.

  3. i love those glasses...perfect for iced tea! i hope we get some of that rain. is so hot and humid here!

    1. Thanks, they are really pretty. And ice tea, absolutely!

      Oh we got a nice rain but no flooding thankfully. but now it's even more humid. Ugh.

  4. Your garden is doing the same thing mine is doing - starting to play out. It just got too hot too early this year. But what you did harvest is beautiful. Your garlic preservation is working so good - well done!
    Ahhh - the wonderful rain has started. Everything really, really needs it and we’ll get a slight break from the heat for a few days.
    I LOVE those vintage glasses! And they are so colorful. The metal basket is a great way to display them.
    Mmmm, 2nd Man’s homemade bread looks delicious! The loaves are formed perfectly and are such a beautiful golden brown. He is a master at this! I know that your apartment must smell heavenly from it.
    Happy Father’s Day to all and to y’all also - as Linda said, you two are Hobart’s daddies!

    1. So happy about the garlic. FINALLY! Ha. He did a great job at the bread. I think next year maybe a couple weeks earlier. Thanks for the kind wishes!

  5. Love the vintage juice glasses. Your veg harvest is great!

  6. Pretty veggies and beautiful bread. I would be having a tomato sandwich for dinner!

    1. Oh yes, tomato sandwiches you can't go wrong with that. Dang, why didn't we think of that. OK, next harvest!!

  7. We have really been hankering for tomatoes here. Can't wait until we're getting them too! I always love seeing garden harvest photos. And freshly baked bread!

    1. Thank you, I bet your harvests will be incredible. I can't wait to see them.

  8. Nice crop you got. I like the vintage juice glasses too! There were thunderstorms in the area. Later, when daughter got home from work, she called me out to see the rainbow and then there were two! So pretty! It's going to be a hot week here too. Trying to keep my plants and grass alive!

    1. Oh rainbows are so fun to see. Stay cool and hydrated (both you and the plants, ha).


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