Wednesday, October 2, 2019


Last month was National Preparedness Month.  We always try to post something during the month for this but somehow I missed it.  Probably because the last two weeks of the month were, ironically, dealing with more record breaking flooding in the area.

When we saw this image we thought it was interesting.  For those of us in the United States these are the risks we face but we're guessing that much, if not all, of this is possible just about anywhere in the world huh?

We are in Region 6 so for us it is:

Severe storm (done that many many times)
Flood (definitely done that)
Hurricane (sadly, several times)
Winter storm (meh, not in this part of the region)
Tornado (a few near misses)
Pandemic (other than flu season, and the Dallas Ebola scare, no, thankfully)
Economic Downtown (2008/2009 but we made it)

At the farm, we have a closet stocked with all our emergency supplies.  Some canned goods, bottled water (though we are on well water only out there and have a hand pump if necessary), some long term survival foods, etc.  I call it the preppers closet.

In town we have our three day survival backpacks from Red Cross that we won a couple of years ago (see photo above).  They will cover most anything that will happen here in town (plus of course the apartment is stocked with water and supplies just on a regular basis).  It would also allow us to get out to the farm for our safer and more remote space if we needed to do that.

Remember, as this year's phrase reminds us:


  1. Great reminder. I saw a few things in your kit that I need to add to mine. Thanks for the info.

  2. I have to say, overall, Pennsylvania has almost near perfect weather. We get snow storms but their not consistently bad from year to year. And the heat can be bad, but fortunately I like heat.

  3. I am region 3, as is maddie. no earthquakes - some good news!

  4. OK, I'll see your tornado and raise you a volcano.

  5. In my part of Area 4, a tornado is possible, but that is not listed unless it is "severe weather." We may have one ice storm per winter. The rest are not a worry at all to my location. I had supplies that are now in the dump.

  6. In region 6 they best add earthquakes to their listing of events cause we do have them; some worse than others.
    What a way to bring in the 1st of October is by having a 3.5 quake here Tuesday morning early; right around 3:20AM. I was up & in process of making a pot of coffee when all of a sudden Everything started to shake. Talk about a quick wake-or-upper; that will do it & then back to the bathroom to change your pants. :}


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