Wednesday, March 18, 2020


It's that time of year.  Planning for the future!  And with a global pandemic raging around the world, it works as a nice distraction.

First up, I got the raised bed watering system connections and hoses in the mail the other day.  We put them up at the farm but I have to sit down with a piece of paper (I'm old school like that) and plan it.

Of course we should probably already have stuff in the ground but with the craziness of the last couple of weeks, we're dealing with that at the moment.

Still, we need to decided what we want to grow this season and in which raised beds.  That's part of it.

And this is the other part.  We've been saving the catalogs that all come in within a week or two of each other.  It couldn't have been better timing to distract from the current news.

I'll lay them all out, sit down with a glass (or two) of wine and plan a trip into the post apocalyptic future, ha.  I always spend hours looking at gardening and seed catalogs.  The promise of Spring and all the potential that it holds...

Winter planning leads to Spring planting

What about you, what are your favorite catalogs for planning your Spring?


  1. ha....i've heard wine is the best treatment for coronavirus. at least to alleviate stress due to it! i am planning on planting all flower seeds this year and skipping veggies. this remains to be seen because i might need to plant food. i wish i had started seeds.

  2. oooooOOOooooo. Seed porn and wine. Y'all don't fool around, you get right to it.

  3. Texas is known for "Rose Rustling". There is even a book on the subject. I am a recovering rosaholic.

  4. I am looking through seed catalogs also, but I am a peasant and only have a side of coffee.

  5. I planted about 5 million bulbs (slight exaggeration?) and right now they all seem to be growing.

  6. I did not know there were seed catalogs so any guesses what catalogs are on my coffee table? I love to save the Pottery Barn catalogs and then peruse them with a glass of wine. I like to try to do a copy cat of PB from other discounted sources! Stay Healthy! laura in Colorado

  7. I get several of those you have, but also several which are specifically organic, but aren't close to hand right now. High Mown seeds comes to mind. I get MANY online catalogs as well. I also get a few from the organic rack at the gardening center of our favorite large local mega grocery store, Meijer. But here in N Michigan we are still cold and I don't start seeds until after April first as our frost date is 5/31.

    Everyone be safe out there!


  8. I love looking through gardening catalogs. In addition to the ones pictured, I’ve ordered from Seed Savers.

    For the usual seed varieties that grow well in this area, I’m fortunate that my local nursery has seeds in the big jars where you can get the amount that you need.

    I finished planting my garden, just in time for the coming rain.

  9. I received all my gardening supplies, including seeds, so I will work with that.

  10. Before our lockdown started, managed to get extra seeds and compost just in case.


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