Friday, March 27, 2020


This pandemic quarantine is definitely taking some getting used to.  I can say though that we have not left the apartment since I got home from work a few days ago. Not to get the mail, not to go to the store for a last moment thing, nothing.  There is a countywide stay at home order though we can technically go for groceries, medicine, gas, healthcare, etc.   

Working from home is an adjustment for sure.  2nd Man has done it on and off for years.  For me this is a first in my entire working career.  I do like getting up later.  Still at work at the same time but don't have to allow for taking a shower and getting dressed in the morning now.  I can roll out of bed and sit down at the table and start working.  

I'm guessing there is something about people working from home not getting into bad habits like that but hey, it's all new for me, so far, so good!

I do have someone staring at me...trying to figure out what is going on.  Hobart has to have his crocheted afghan on the dining table (don't judge, he's happy, ha!) and he sleeps there most of the day only to get up occasionally and look at me like..."um, what are you doing? You're messing up my day."

As for food we have been cooking simple things during the week and saving the bigger meals for weekends.  We are really watching how much we use.  I'm taking pictures so I'll have posts up soon, maybe next week, on how we've eaten so far.

Since we don't have to worry about a power failure, we stocked our fridge and freezer well with meat and frozen veggies.  The pantry is also stocked.  More posts on that soon as well.

It's just taking a bit to get into the swing of this new normal so I haven't been able to post or catch up on comments. Things are so different but I guess we are slowly adapting to life in the time of the pandemic.

Lastly, courtesy of our sweet friend/regular commenter Colleen, comes this funny.  We were cracking up!  No matter how dark the days are we have to keep our sense of humor and be the light.

How are you adapting wherever you are?
Any tips or advice to share?


  1. those yellow orange hobart eyes, staring right through you! our girls can't understand why mommy & daddy are home all the time either.

    we just had vietnamese food for lunch; all our local chinese places closed down. the local italian and hoagie shops, and the local bagel place, are still open for carry out only.

  2. Laughing as I finished reading this post! The world is different now that is for sure!

  3. that is funny! i think this is shocking for everyone's pets! day 16 for house is as clean as a whistle!

  4. Another blogger said her cat was disturbed all day now that she/he is home all day. I wear gloves and mask and carry Lysol wipes. I don't understand why you cannot get your mail. I worked for about ten years at home. I could start, stop, take breaks, eat, snack, and go out for lunch with a friend anytime i wanted. I loved it. Now, i just want to go to Belks and a bookstore.

  5. I work at a small grocery store and it's been, well, an experience. It's not one I ever want to repeat. For the most part, customers have understood that our supply chain is broken and we're doing our best. My biggest problem is the older folks that normally come in daily and shop just enough for a meal or two. Getting them to change their habits is almost impossible.

  6. Got a good laugh from the funny that Colleen sent in – gotta have some humor during this time.
    Sweet Hobart is helping his daddy with his work. His eyes are watching your every move, making sure you’re doing everything to his exacting standards.
    Like you, I'm also watching how I use my grocery supply. If a recipe calls for too many eggs or another scarce ingredient, I don’t make it. I don’t want to go to the grocery until it is absolutely necessary.
    My tips for this stay-at-home time: Sunshine, Chocolate, Wine – not necessarily in that order.

  7. Oh, dear; Hobart is not a bit happy that you had taken over it's napping territory.
    You totally messed up his routine.
    Have a great weekend

  8. No mowing this weekend, as it is Pouring down rain, and I do mean Pouring.

  9. I started working at home yesterday and my cat has his own chair sitting next to my desk with a pillow on it, or if I have paper out I have to give him his own paper to sleep on or he wants me to stop working and pay attention to him. Now when I have been at work all day he wants nothing to do with me!

  10. Cats do not like their sleep time disturbed. Looks as if Hobart is not happy having his routine upset, either.

  11. Many of us look forward to returning to the office.


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