Thursday, March 19, 2020


Every Thursday we like to post a picture of something we've found online that inspires us to do something similar at the farm. Sort of our own blog bulletin board so that we can eventually look back and someday, hopefully anyway, recreate it...enjoy!

*(these aren't ours, ha)

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In these uncertain times, there is nothing more comforting than a well stocked pantry, something millions of people around the world are discovering.  

I'm sort of the newshound of the household and I was reading about this virus back in January.  What I was reading about in China was disturbing enough that I told 2nd Man I was going to start adding a few things to our pantry at the apartment. 

While ours doesn't look like either of these, we'll be fine for a few weeks.  Of course this made us realize that we need to make sure the pantry is well stocked all of the time and so we were looking online for ideas.  These two caught our attention. 

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Home canned goods, store bought canned goods, canned meats, beans, rices, flours, etc.  We'll admit, the steel shelving to support the weight is pretty smart too.  This pantry has everything you'd need, including, we're sure just off camera, toilet paper, ha!

Be inspired, be prepared and be safe!


  1. I grew up with farm grandparents who could get through a long winter with their pantry, canned food, and freezer full. They raised their own chickens so they had eggs. A large garden was planted, even into their elder years. Little was needed from the store. In this age, people go to the store daily for their food needs. The hysteria of this last month tells me that people knew they should have had a better stocked pantry. They also really know what they needed because flour, beans, rice and many basics are no where to be found. We could have all had well stocked pantries, but somehow many of us just didn't. Even if we do not eat many beans and rice typically and the like, it will sustain us when there is no other food, especially if we have spices and other things to add flavor. Garlic can be easily grown in the yard for this purpose. Onion patches can be planted and kept going year after year with the right varieties of onions. Best to you in these challenging time.

  2. these look just like my pantry....NOT! mine looks like these except put together by a 2 year old. i have to admit though, i bet i could live off my pantry for a year easily. and it would definitely help sort it out!

  3. I love both of those pantries. So organized. I remember my Grandma's beautiful home-canned goods on her pantry shelves. She won ribbons every year at the county fair for them. My mom did too.
    I have my mom's glass-front hutch and that's where I store my home-canned goods.

  4. Growing up on the farm in Iowa, my mother always had a large garden and we done A lot of canning, so the shelves in the basement where pretty well stocked plus our freezer was always full from farm raised livestock. Very seldom did we go to the grocery store as mother was constantly making homemade bread and we had milk provided by our milking cows and our chickens provided us with fresh eggs along with fried chicken.
    I only wish I had the room for a larger pantry like my mother had.

  5. At home, I had enough to last for a year. Living here, I am not allowed to put anything in cabinets. So, i have a large stash on table and in boxes. I have managed to get several months of items by just buying loss leaders. When i heard about the virus in China, I, too, started buying a bit extra. TP just happened to be on sale and i had a coupon. And, it was the brand i use. `I have five dozen eggs in the refrigerator, and i know how to freeze eggs! In will be okay.

  6. Naturally I stock up on items being out in the country. I have the opposite problem, being single I have to watch that food doesn't get past its expiration date.


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