Tuesday, March 10, 2020


Still have sporadic internet connection but it's better than it was and I can get this posted, a few pics from the weekend.

If you had told us a few years ago that we'd be saying "oh look, the apple trees are in bloom" we would have thought you were crazy.

But here we are.

The apple trees are in bloom!  So pretty too.

This is the Anna apple variety.  The other apple tree is just barely starting to develop small buds but it develops fruit later than this variety.

This is one of the plum trees.  Covered in blooms as well.  This year is the third year of all of our fruit trees so we're going to let the fruit develop.  And we'll use the mesh bags as they get larger and develop to protect them.  Then of course we're going to have to come up with somewhat of a deer preventative measure.  

And this was funny...as I was going down the driveway, this is on our part, heading to the road, there was a flock (?) of ducks.

As I got closer, this one just didn't want to move out of the way.  I had to stop and wait for it to wander over to its friends.  These are 2nd Family's ducks by the way...they fly off for awhile but always come back "home".  They think they are the fully grown ducks that were there as babies and they fed them and now they just keep coming back year after year.

They are in our front yard often and we love to just watch them peck around in the grass.

Maybe we should get one of these signs for the end of the driveway? Ha! 


  1. Actually I think you need more of a 'Critter Xing' sign with the deer, cows, ducks, & other critters you have visiting your farm. :)
    Your fruit trees are looking great. Hard to believe that it has been 3 years already since you first planted them trees. My, how time flies.

  2. The good thing about ducks is that they can help keep the tick population down!

  3. The ducks look like Muscovys - our favorite!

  4. We have Canada geese that come on our lawn and dock in the summer. They poop like medium size dogs! It is a big problem for homeowners and public ornamental pools etc. Poop everywhere. Poop! Poop! Poop!

  5. Love the duck parade! The dawdling duck is definitely marching to his own drum beat.

    Your fruit trees blooms are beautiful. Yay, your trees are maturing enough to get fruit this year.
    My citrus trees are blooming also. I’ve been planting my garden and it’s wonderful being surrounded by their amazing scents.

  6. Hi I love reading your blog. I remembered your post on Irish Spring soap to repel mice at the farm and shared the info with my sister when she had a mice problem in her rv. She had tried everything and was so happy when the Irish Spring worked. Thank you! I too have apple trees and beautiful deer roaming around. The year before last the trees were loaded and we were waiting for them to ripen and then bam overnight they were all gone! I knew I had to do something this past summer, the trees were really loaded. I made rags out of old white t-shirts and tied them on branches of the trees. Then I put some smelly body spray I couldn't tolerate into a squeeze bottle and drenched the rags. I did this every evening. After I'd used all the body spray, I used some stinky dollar store cleaner I had, making sure it didn't get on the apples. This worked so well I actually felt guilty and picked up the bruised windfall apples and dumped them in another area to feed the deer. We picked bushels of apples! I know it might be hard for you to do this every evening so you might try hanging strips of rags and bars of Irish Spring. I hope this helps.


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