Thursday, March 12, 2020


For the first time in this outbreak, yesterday it felt like things were starting to spiral out of control.

Here in Houston, we have an event called the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo.  We can't emphasize enough how big of an event this is.  It's been going on for the better part of a hundred years.    It lasts for two weeks, every single day. Attendance is more than a million.  It brings in almost $300,000,000 to the local economy and employs several thousand people. Every single night a superstar singer performs to a sold out stadium.

At noon the city annouced they were closing it.  They made the announcement over the loudspeakers that everyone had to leave.  11 days before it was supposed to end.  

To say this was a shock to Houstonians would be an understatement .  

Then in short order, the World Health Organization declared a pandemic...

Then an NBA player tested positive, a game was abruptly stopped and the NBA suspend the season...

Then Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson announced they have COVID-19...

Then Trump announced a 30 day ban of all flights to and from Europe...

The markets have reached their lowest point since the Great Recession, wiping out trillions in value...

  I'm not even sure what the future holds at the office right now, if we'll remain open or have to work from home or just have paid or unpaid leave...

Sign at H-E-B grocery store

Things certainly feel like they are rapidly pulling us into an unknown future and it's all a little unnerving.  Tomorrow a post on what we found at the grocery stores and how we are prepping for what may come.


  1. As our supply line is now routed through China,we ain't seen nothin' yet! Just wait.

  2. I'm guessing with the announcement your stores will be pretty much wiped out. It's a shame so many sources have scoffed preppers and prepping. It's just common sense. Praying for a safe outcome for you and yours.

  3. We had our first confirmed case in my city yesterday. The stores have been empty of toilet paper for weeks now. Hand sanitiser is a strictly rationed below the counter product.
    And temporary/casual workers are being hit hard.
    Scary times.

  4. I watched it when Mayor Turner announced the closure of the Houston Rodeo. It is such a huge event in this part of Texas and it was really sobering to hear that.
    I always keep a well-stocked pantry because I have asthma that can make me sick for weeks, so I just added to it a couple of weeks ago before the rush on stores began. With my garden, I have fresh produce. Since I am in the vulnerable category due to this health condition, I’ve decided to stay at home as much as possible. Thankfully I’m retired and I’m very happy being in my garden, yard, and house.

  5. there are 9 cases in my county. my county just closed all the public schools for 2 weeks. spouse and I are only stock-buying cat food; we have plenty of human food on hand.

  6. Our nest is no longer empty with our college age boys en route to return home indefinitely. I went to Kroger thinking the whole toilet paper thing was overblown. It was not. I grabbed a gallon of Goldfish crackers because if I get sick I am eating unlimited carbs and tap water. laura in Colorado

  7. Our company is running a "work remote" drill today for the larger offices (Houston, Victoria, OKC) Even in our end of NY which is (so far) untouched, the lines at the grocery are long and some places are out of toilet paper. It's nuts. The entire country is going to get cabin fever. I'll be out in my garden. Let me know when its over.


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