Monday, March 16, 2020


With the deteriorating conditions in the country, and it's going downhill fast here in Houston, we had to get away to the farm this weekend.

2nd Man gathered up supplies we have out there to bring back into town and I mowed and watered.  

I put the mowing deck a 1/2" lower than normal just to cut it shorter in case we are locked down on quarantine.  We're guessing that "mowing" is not a necessary reason to violate a curfew, ha.

It was a little quicker than usual, 1 hr and 25 minutes.  Speed was a bit more too.  Honestly I probably could have skipped mowing this weekend but as I mentioned, if the city gets locked down, I'd rather have it mowed so that it's not a nightmare when I do eventually get back to it.

It looked good when done, just shorter than usual.  If I get to go out this coming weekend, I'll mow again, to stay ahead of the curve.

We wanted to see something pretty to distract from the news.  The fruit trees are still budding out...this is the plum tree.

But speaking of pretty, check this out.  The apple tree in full glorious bloom. We had no idea they bloomed this prolifically.  WOW, it's a sight to behold.  We just kind of stood there looking at it.  In the midst of chaos in the world, life keeps going on.

Hang in there friends, we will get through this together.


  1. Your yard and trees look great.

    We managed to get our yard mowed again as well before our rain moved into the area.
    <owing makes everything look so much prettier and neater and nice to see all the trees budding and leafing out.

    We went grocery shopping yesterday and picked up a few things that we needed but we didn't stock up the way some where doing with cart loads of grocery items; ( A lot of the same items.)

    A friend of ours had a baby born in Dec. and they was having a hard time finding baby formula so yesterday while we where at the store and where able to find the formula their baby, so we called them to see if they would like us to buy a container and to find out which brand they used. Well, it just so happened that they had a couple containers left on the shelf so we went ahead and bought both containers for the baby so that should last them for awhile anyway.

    Stores here are cutting their hours on being open. The 24 hour WalMart stores are now closing at 11:00pm and opening at 6AM. so that they can go through and sanitize the store and for the stockers to restock their shelves.
    Heard on the news this morning that in Australia, the first couple of hours in the morning (right when they open)only the elderly can go in and shop seeing how the elderly are more acceptable to this virus which I thought was a good idea so maybe businesses / grocery stores around will pick up on that same idea.

  2. Thank you for the pictures of the blooming trees. It is a needed bright spot for right now. We went to the lake place Saturday and brought back supplies (translation: toilet paper)

  3. Life is a bit crazy. New restrictions every day. TOmorrow our retirement home will not be allowing visitors at all.

  4. our gov closed the STATE STORES! how ya gonna survive a crisis without booze????? spouse and I have plenty in stock, as well as tp and paper towels.

  5. I am determined to not go out because of my age. However, I had a dr appointment today. But, it was to an endocrinologist who does not have sick people coming in. The yard looks so pretty with the green grass and blossoms on the trees.

  6. With Life so unsettled now, it’s refreshing and calming to get out into nature. Your apple tree is blooming so beautifully! Does it have a scent?

    My garden is almost planted – I need to finish before Friday when the cold front that’s coming brings rain. I can’t believe it’s going to be chilly in the 50’s-60’s this weekend after the recent 80’s.


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