Monday, March 9, 2020


Monday update at the bottom of this post:

Quick blog post.  Didn't have internet yesterday when I needed it so I couldn't get a post up yesterday or have one ready for today.  So here is a quick one this morning.  As this posts, I will be at the farm.

2nd Man is in town with a friend helping him with some paperwork so I get the day all to myself in this beautiful cool weather.  It's currently 52 degrees with a high today of 66.  Not a cloud in the sky.  

The goal today is to get the garden cleaned up and ready for soil next weekend and then planting the weekend after that.  I shouldn't have to mow because I kept it short last weekend and the cooler weather and no heavy rain has kept the grass still on it's "Winter cycle".  Spring will be here soon enough. 

And don't forget, tomorrow we...

...spring forward with the time change.

Cher.  'Nuff said.   

Have a great weekend!

Monday morning:

It was a good day Saturday and I got stuff done but I waited until Sunday evening to work on pictures and creating a post.  Once again, the internet was sporadically working.

So I'm typing this on my phone (not as easy as the young people make it seem, LOL).  AT&T is supposed to be in our building working on it today so, fingers crossed, we will have a new post up tomorrow.  


  1. Nooooo, I want to sleep in lol! At least now the sun will be setting at seven.

    1. Right? I slept in anyway. But then when I got up and saw the clock I was like "well crap..."

  2. Resetting the clocks is the most exercise that I get before heading off to bed but I still wake up at my normal time; time change or not. There are some clocks that I don't change only because I don't want to take the time out in getting my step ladder out. Saves from having to change it back in the Fall that way.

  3. Springing forward is harder to adjust to than falling back - losing an hour instead of than gaining an hour. When I was teaching kindergarten, I always had a week of grouchy, sleepy kids in class as they made the adjustment. Being retired now, it's an easier adjustment.

    I've been planting a bit already - potatoes and also some dill so I'll have it for making pickles later on. I bought a bunch of little plants in 6-packs and 4 inch pots which will be going in this week. I still have lettuce, cabbage, kale, and some other things from my fall-winter garden, so I'll have to plant around them.

    Hope you had a wonderful day at the Farm!


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