Monday, March 21, 2011


       Get it?  It's a Monkey, and a wrench.
We have to laugh when we can.
  Well, as I figured, things couldn't go great ALL the time.  Mortgage lady emailed me and said the Underwriters had some issues with the appraisal, so they need to talk to the appraiser and see if they can clarify a few things...if it's not the weather, it's the county, if it's not the county, it's some paperwork issue....sigh.....

I will keep everyone updated.  If ever there was a time to send out good thoughts, this is it.  We're at the last hurdle, the finish line is in sight, we just need to keep our eye focused on the goal!  I don't want issues at this point in the process....

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  1. Good heavens, I'm getting high blood pressure just reading about it! ;-)


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